Leading Manufacturers Vibro Screening Equipment

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GALAXY SIVTEK experienced team provides you with:

  • 65,000 sq.ft of dedicated area with in-house facilities for manufacturing
  • Quality Monitoring Systems are in place to ensure the right quality products are supplied as per customer requirements
  • Quality Vendor base ready for outsourcing special requirements
  • Strong marketing and service back-up
  • Design Capability available for Customized Sieving Solutions

GALAXY SIVTEK regional technical representatives and agents can help you find a solution to your sieving needs by personally visiting your processing site. They can also assist your production and maintenance personnel with technical optimization of your machines.

New Products & Features
GALAXY SIVTEK is constantly developing new modifications and complete machines to help solve customer problems.

After sales service
After you have purchased a piece of equipment from GALAXY SIVTEK you can have complete peace of mind that you will continue to receive quality service from us. For more details, send us your request.

GALAXY SIVTEK serve almost every industry dealing with powders and liquids. We have application data for both wet and dry screening applications ranging from very coarse to 350 mesh (40 micron) product applications. Materials such as paper pulp, paper coatings, sugar syrup, sugar granules, ceramic powders, ceramic slurries, toner, food, pharmaceuticals, metal powders, effluent and many other are being run on GALAXY SIVTEK screeners with a wide variation in particle size and characteristics. If you would like to test your material, your regional technical representative or agent can be contacted to run a test in GALAXY SIVTEK Test Centre.

Our extensive application list based on hundreds of applications usually provides us with enough information to specify a suitable unit. However, sometimes, it is necessary for your local technical representative or agent to visit you and have technical discussions with your technical team to suggest a suitable unit for your application.

This condition is caused by the screen blocking or blinding with material getting stuck into the individual holes of the mesh. The solution is to fit our anti-blinding unit with discs and/or balls. This unit is useful in most of the cases. However, it sometimes may be required to go for advanced technique like Ultrasonic Attachments.

Yes, it could be if good quality mesh is not being used. Other causes could be overloading of the screen or allowing abrasive material to stay on the screen cloth too long before it is ejected. Better control of feed to the machine and optimized settings of the machine will help in these cases.

This will occur when the motor wiring is connected incorrectly. Check the wiring instructions in the Technical manual and direction of running of the motor.Once the motor direction has been checked you can fine tune the pattern of material on the screen by changing the weight settings. Information on this can also be found in the technical manual for the machine. If you do not have our manual or have misplaced it, call us to obtain a fresh copy.

Has your product changed? Have the properties of your material changed? This could result in the balls/discs wearing out more quickly. You should also make sure that you are using genuine Galaxy Sivtek balls/discs which will give maximum life. Please provide Galaxy Sivtek full details of your product so that they can select the most appropriate material for the balls/discs to maximize their life for your product.

Either the Wire mesh cloth fitted on the screen ring frame has become Loose and the mesh tension is reduced, or you may have selected the wrong opening wire cloth while re-fixing the screen cloth.

If your Machine is more than 1 year old, you can go for Retro Fit Kit from Galaxy Sivtek which can improve your output capacity by approximately 20% – 30%. Alternately you can go for adding MAXIMIZER Deck on your existing machine to get additional 50% – 60% capacity in same machine.

Ensure that you have not tied any firm element with outlet spout. Ensure that no heavy load is being kept on outlet Spout. Use only Galaxy Sivtek Flexible Connectors to connect outlet spout with collecting device. Do not keep any material or load on outlet spout.