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07. Cocoa Powder

Success Story – Cocoa Powder


Cocoa powder is used in many food ingredients and you might be eating it daily. Cocoa powder is used in biscuits, ice cream, dairy drinks, cakes, coating confectioneries, frozen desserts, chocolate milk, and many more food and beverage products. Cocoa is good for health also like good for cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, and reduces heart disease.

Therefore, cocoa is a very important ingredient used in the food and beverage industry. Food manufacturers are seeking high-quality cocoa powder so that there is no compromise in taste and the health of the consumers.

The global cocoa market will be expected to increase by 3.4% CAGR during the forecast period of 2016 – 2026. The value is projected to $14,572 million by the end of 2026. As you can see the requirement is rising hence there will be a need for more quality cocoa products. Among that cocoa powder is the most widely used one.

One of our clients was facing issues with his existing sieving solution in his cocoa manufacturing division. This is a story of how we assisted the leading cocoa powder manufacturer, so let us see the challenges and preferable solutions for it.

Requirement & Challenges

Our client collects the cocoa bean as a raw material for cocoa powder. A Sieving equipment cleans the twigs, stones, and other debris from the cocoa bean. Cocoa beans are roasted in the revolving drum that heats and lose their shells. A winnowing machine removes the shell from the bean called the nib. They process the nib by grinding it and later it generates the fine cocoa powder.

Till here all the processes were smooth, our client had installed a conventional Vibro Sifter which was barely sieving. The throughput rate of that sifter was very low, further checking revealed that it was not giving proper vibration and was not able to handle the inflow capacity of the cocoa powder.

Also, they were packing the cocoa powder in three different grades. So, the process becomes more slower due to screening in two sizes of mesh. All these was resulting into slow manufacturing speed and production rate was very slow. They wanted to speed up the process and pack as many bags as they could.



The cocoa powder sample was brought to the Galaxy Sivtek trial facility. Experts in the trial area are highly trained in calculating the throughput rates, efficiency, and durability properties in various sieving equipment. We checked the material in SIVTEK Vibro Separator, the results were very satisfactory and up to the mark. But the manufacturer suggested that in-flow capacity may rise in the future so that they want more throughput rate.

Engineers at the facility then tried the material in Super SIVTEK Separator. The machine is highly durable and gives 3 times more vibration than a normal Vibro separator. It has high power 5HP vibrating motor connected to function with a higher vibration that you have never seen before. The sieving results amazed the client representatives and they agreed upon to install the equipment at their plant.


Super SIVTEK Separator was successfully placed after the grinding process. Without any hassles the sieving machine installed into the existing processing line, said the plant manager. After a few days of functioning, reports stated that the new vibrating equipment is giving way more throughput rate than the previous machine. Also, their quality department can see the difference in the graded material. The graded material was very accurate in that report.

Galaxy Sivtek is having a team of experts who assist the processing industries to achieve desired results as per their requirement. We also provide customized solutions so that our equipment can be easily installed and function as per the customer’s wish. Contact our sieving expert now to get rid of these kinds of challenges in any processing industry.

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