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Case Study: Wheat Flour


One renowned international Bakery was looking to obtain the best quality of whole wheat flour for the production of Diabetic Bread and using whole wheat flour with other low protein wheat flour for making regular bakery products.

They wanted to sift batches of flour before baking to make sure no unwanted material remained with the flour.

In conversation with our product experts, they stated “We are looking for a compact sifter that easily fits in our existing production plant & helps us in getting high Capacity”

Requirement & Challenges

Understanding the clear thoughts & requirements of the production manager of the Bakery, our experts suggested a trial screening with our Inline sifter. The trial was conducted by passing the amount of flour in one batch sifted in Vibro Screens & the desired capacity from one batch was received successfully. Personnel from the bakery were satisfied with the trial results & went ahead placing orders for the machines.



The machines are now installed at the bakery’s production line & are running smoothly in accordance with giving desired capacity. The Bakery is quite impressed with the machine as one of the authorities from the bakery sends a sweet gesture with a testimonial note stating.

We are highly satisfied with the compact design of the machine & the way it enables ease in cleaning after batches. Also, the quality of wheat flour has increased & the capacity is being maintained.


Inline Sivtek is one of the most unique ranges of solutions among the various Vibro Screens provided by us. The main advantage of the Inline screening equipment lies in its acute design. Feeding inlet & material discharge outlet in the same centreline helps in reduction of screening time by reducing the movement of the material inside the sifter.


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