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sieving and screening for spices

Why Sieving Cannot be Missed in Mixed Spice Manufacturing?

Spices create magic in your food. It adds flavor and taste to it. Apart from that, it has rich nutritional values. Each spice is having a unique aroma which enhances the joy of cooking and eating. Whether it is ready food at the restaurant or packed food at the retail store. Spices are added in all kinds of meals to fast foods. We will discuss why sieving plays an important role in a spice manufacturing company.

India is the land of spices, back in the days’ spices were manually sieved trough some kind of mesh-like structure. Due to the evolution of modern industries, equipment changed and new and automated machines replaced the manual work and reduced the cost of manpower.

Sieving and filtration equipment manufacturer also improved their technology to provide with highly robust and effective sieving and filtration system. But have you wondered why sieving equipment is needed?

Why Sieving Equipment is required?

Spices are of different types like chili, turmeric, cinnamon, coriander, pepper, and many more. These spices are mixed together depending on the choice and sold in the market as garam masala, mixed masala, chicken, or mutton masala called mixed spices. Whole Spices are brought to the factory and washed thoroughly. After washing and drying these spices are grounded to get the powdered form of the spice.

Spice manufacturer produces individual spices as well as mixed spices. But each spice has to go through a sieving process. There are many reasons to use a sieving machine at this stage.

1. After grinding, spices may contain large pieces of material which are not ground properly.

2. Lumps or agglomerates are formed due to humidity.

3. The product stored at the factory may generate lumps.

4. Unknowingly any unwanted impurities may be introduced like metal or plastic parts.

5. All these impurities or unwanted contamination can harm the quality of the product if it is not removed before the packaging process.

What Sieving Equipment is needed?

Galaxy Sivtek is the largest manufacturer of sieving and filtering equipment. We are providing a wide range of sieving and filtration machines across the globe. For a spice manufacturing industry, we are having experts who provide the best solution depending upon the customer requirement.

1. The primary requirement for almost all the manufacturers is the requirement of the capacity of the sifter. The sifter should provide at least the capacity that can tackle the feed rate and does not chock the system.

2. Different types of spices have different bulk density. Depending on that machine selection is carried out.

3. Leakproof designs are preferred by major manufacturers to keep their floor area clean.

4. MOC of the material could be a high grade of stainless steel like SS 316L and rubber parts should be food graded.

5. A hygienic or mirror-polished machine is required in most of industries to avoid the decaying of the trapped particles.

6. Galaxy Sivtek provides the equipment based on the same specifications. For example, a Linea SIVTEK is placed at the initial stage of processing to remove impurities from the whole spice.

As it may contain some impurities like small stones, stalk, leaves, metal or wood particles.

Round separators like Super SIVTEK, Inline SIVTEK or Sanitary SIVTEK are placed after the grinding stage to check sieve or grading applications.

First, the spices are sieved individually and packed as per the requirement. But for the mixed spices products, different spices are mixed together in the correct proportion to get the desired mix. Once again the check screening is done through a SIVTEK Inline separator before packaging.

The great taste of spice is achieved through a great product quality. Hence a true sieving expert can assist you to choose the right sieving equipment. Sieving equipment from Galaxy Sivtek can be customized as per the requirement of the plant and additional accessories are attached to boost the performance of the machine.

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