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sanitary sivtek for pharmaceutical company

4 vital reasons why every pharmaceutical company should invest in Sanitary SIVTEK Separator

Governing & regulatory bodies for the pharmaceutical industry all over the world are being very strict towards the production process by imposing various norms, regulations, & guidelines.

The production process in the pharmaceutical industry should be aligned with & designed in a way where all the norms, regulations & guidelines are followed correctly. Hence, production in a pharmaceutical company is handled impeccably & with more care as compared to other industries.

Between production & packaging process, at any point need for screening & sieving of APIs is required, and there’s where our Sanitary SIVTEK separator AKA (Vibro Sifter) can be worthwhile.

Here are the 4 vital reasons why Sanitary SIVTEK separator is ideal Vibro sifter for check screening & sieving of your pharmaceutical products.

1. As per Pharmaceutical norms:

Our Sanitary SIVTEK Separator is designed, manufactured & available as per US FDAs CGMP compliances & guidelines.

2. Quintessential Build & Finishing:

Sanitary SIVTEK Separator is manufactured with notable quality & as per US FDAS CGMP Norms.

Our Pharma Sivtek comes with mirror polishing with 0.1-0.2 RA surface finish inside as well as outside. Mirror polishing makes cleaning of the machine very easy & helps in auditing of material deposits. Further, all the weld joints at the corner of the pan are crevice-free ensuring no material is deposited & there is zero percent chance of material contamination. In a nutshell, it provides a hygienic & contamination free screening operation.

All the contact parts are made with the highest quality of Stainless steel i.e. SS 316L.

Type 316 is most durable & easy-to-fabricate, clean, weld and finish. It is considerably more resistant to solutions of sulfuric acid, chlorides, bromides, iodides and fatty acids at high temperature. Stainless steels containing molybdenum are required in the manufacture of certain pharmaceuticals to avoid excessive metallic contamination. The rest non-contacting parts are made with SS 304.

To add further about the uncompromising quality, the bung & the gasket both are made with rubber parts of silicon food & pharma grade & the glue used in the mesh is Resin bonded glue: US FDA compliance glue.

3. Serene Design:
Production & Designing Engineers at Sivtek have worked a step ahead for making the design of Sanitary SIVTEK Separator convenient & serene.

Sanitary Vibro shifter also is known as Pharma Sivtek is designed keeping in mind the nature of safety & hygiene required in the pharmaceutical industry along with its smooth & ease functioning. The machine is dust free & leakage proof as the design is made in accordance with pharmaceutical industry standards.

To keep the functioning & operation easy, the machine comes with quick release toggle clamp. The toggle clamps we provide is made with the best quality materials & it helps to change screen(mesh) quickly making the operation fast & smooth.

Adding on to the ease functioning & operation, we have powered the machine with lock caster wheels that allow mobility of machine smoothly inside the plant.

4. Certificates & other Quality marks:
DQ, IQ & OQ documentation is available for Sanitary SIVTEK Separator. Also, it comes with all necessary certificates like MOC certificate, contact part certificate & more.

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