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vibratory sieve for pharmaceutical industry

Installed three pharma sifters in India’s prime pharmaceutical company

Recently Galaxy Sivtek received an order from India’s leading & prime pharmaceutical company for installing three pharmaceutical sifters in their existing production line.

Having worked & installed Galaxy Sivtek made sifters previously, the company directly approached for their new requirement.

The company was looking for check sieving Active Pharmaceutical ingredients, before sending the API for final packaging, but the challenge was to install the machines that could directly fit in the existing production line& above the packaging floor.

Sivtek experts; after research & analysis of API to be sieved at Galaxy Sivtek’s R&D center, recommended installing the inline pharma sifters known as Inline Sivtek® as these sifters can easily be retrofitted in the existing production line. The name of the machine itself defines its USP – Inline, the sifters that can be fitted in line with existing manufacturing architecture.

All the contact & non-contact parts of sifters are sculpted from the highest quality stainless steel, as stainless steel has high corrosion resistance capacity & it is also easy to clean. Even the welding joints of the machines are crevice-free to make sure no material is deposited at the joints.

The pharma grade Sivtek Inline® sifters always hygienic safety screening process as demanded in a pharmaceutical company.

Galaxy Sivtek has a record of manufacturing tons of pharmaceutical, food sifters & filters which are exclusively designed as per the pharmaceutical, food & beverage safety norms. We also provide various certificates mandatory for the pharmaceutical industry like FDA & GMP.

With over 30 years of rich experience in serving 12+ industries for diversified sieving & filtration requirement, we have successfully installed 15000 + sieves, sorters, self-cleaning filters & customized sieving& filtration machines.

If you are also looking for robust, reliable & long-life sifters & filters for your products, get in touch with us now!

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