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Metal Parts For All kind of Sifters & Self-Cleaning Filter

Galaxy Sivtek made all kinds of metal parts for Vibro sifter, centrifugal sifter, rectangular separator and self-cleaning filter. We believe to use and recommend only genuine Sivtek metal parts for all kinds of sifters and self-cleaning filters. Local parts are good in terms of price but not if we talk about quality when people are using local parts, we’re sure that they won’t get quality or expected throughput which they got before. They need to compromise with the final product which is not good for a longer run.

We have a list of solutions given below can help competitor’s also who are facing the problem with quality because of some metal parts, we recommend you contact our expert now.

Range of Metal Parts For All kind of Sifters & Self-Cleaning Filter

Auxiliaries Plates

Auxiliaries plates are playing a very important role in any Vibro sifter to get an optimum throughput with expected quality. We already added standard eccentric weight for creating the (X) amount of vibration to sieve your application but sometimes the character of the application required more vibration to sieve or filter so we used auxiliaries plates to add (X+) vibration. With the help of these plates, we get the required vertical vibration for any particular application and get the best results out of it. To know more please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Auxiliaries Plates

Toggle Clamps:

Galaxy Sivtek is always coming with a solution that is easy to use and maintain the quality of the product. Toggle clamp is one of them which is used to assemble and dismantle the deck of the separator with ease. Our clamps are durable and it’s as per compliance norms. We ensure that with our toggle clamps you can operate a safe operation. To know more please contact our expert.

Toggle clamps for sifters

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