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Filtration of liquid starch

Filtration Solutions for Starch Slurry In Paper Industry

Paper is one of the most useful products in our day-to-day life. We use paper for centuries and it is one of the economically friendly and easy disposable products. The paper industry makes various cellulose-based products or paper products for writing, packing, decorating, printing, designing, and many more.

Have you wondered from where this product gets its strength and smoothness? This is because of the various process, chemicals, and coatings used in the production of paper. Galaxy Sivtek will enlighten you with the reason behind the so good quality of the paper and how we assisted the paper and pulp manufacturer to improve its product quality of it.

Paper and pulp manufacturing has various processes involved from chopping woods to making pulp and from the paper mill to packing. But one of the most important processes which we are going to discuss here is the starch slurry used in the process.

Starch is very useful for paper as it provides both size and coating to the paper. Starch is used in papermaking for over 6000 years. The starch is used from the wet end to the size press. Using starch in papermaking reduces the cost significantly. Mainly potato starch and tapioca starch are used as raw materials for coating purposes. Starch is cooked and hydrated to get the molecules essential for the application. Starch slurry is made by mixing water and other chemicals to get the desired properties for spray coating.

Paper manufacturers are preferring to use a SIVTEK Vibro sifter of 80# to 100# to remove fine grits and undissolved particles of starch. Removing the impurities is important as it may chock the spray nozzles or it decreases the quality of the paper and due to that whole batch is rejected.

Watch the video on how the starch coating is filtered in the paper industry.




Galaxy Sivtek provides higher throughput capacity with accurate filtration of starch slurry. It provides low maintenance and higher ROI due to its robust sieving design. The starch can be acidic and has a lower PH value hence SS 316L Is used to prevent corrosion. Rubber lining is also done at the base of the deck to avoid corrosion.

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Galaxy Sivtek is the leader in Sieving & Filtering solutions and is providing an on-site & in-house trial facility for your material with our wide range of solutions. Galaxy Sivtek is having a team of experts to do the trial process. Our experts will suggest to you the best solution for your sieving requirements.

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