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Our Service Experts at your Service!


Since 1991 Galaxy Sivtek is manufacturing best in class Sieving & filtering machines & all the industrial sifters, separators & filters from Galaxy Sivtek goes through durability test along with various technical test & so the life span of Galaxy’s sieving & filtering machine is 3 times more than any competitor made machines.

Regular service, inspection & maintenance can help in enhancing its life even more.

Installing & servicing a vivid range of sieving & filtering machines requires skilled & highly trained professionals & our trained service & maintenance team is capable of servicing any kind of sifters or filters with precision & safety.

We Know Sieving & filtering machines in & out & so, we know what it takes to keep them running.

Global reach

With over presence in 30+ countries, we have our service & maintenance teams along with global service partners across the globe who can help you for any kind onsite installations or servicing of every kind of Sieving, Screening & Filtering machines. Qualified professionals & Service experts will be at your doorsteps for any kind of maintenance or upgradation if required!

We Know Safety

Our Service experts know how to install or service small & light weighted sieving & filtering machines to heavy-duty sieving & filtering machines keeping their own safety & surrounding’s safety intact. Safety is our first responsibility.

We trained our experts to protect your sieving & filtering machines..!

Trained professionals are our drive of service success! We have service experts capable of operating special tools install or service your machines.

Working with a wide range of unique Sieving & Filtering machines requires skilled service engineers & our highly skilled service persons are technically capable to assist you with any issues with the perfect solution.

We at Galaxy Sivtek carry a set of procedures for training every service technician which help them in being extremely best at what they are doing! From basic level training of how to operate machines to extensive training of how to service & install a range of sieving & filtering machines is what they get in the beginning itself.
Also in between at regular intervals trainings are conducted for upgrading their knowledge on the latest trends in Sieving & filtering technology.


We at Galaxy always believe in running alongside latest innovation- technology & so we have implied the same to help our customers with maintaining machines with unique technologies such as PLC, CIP, pneumatic deck lifting arrangement, Rotary Nozzles & more. This all technologies help to expand the life of machinery & reduce manpower.


Whatever we do, quality remains constant! From manufacturing machines to selling & installing at client’s end, from after-sales support to services everything we do has defined procedures & in all the procedures the prime is maintaining Quality!

Flexible and worthwhile

We are the most flexible & cost-effective when it comes to aftermarket service & customer support. By flexible we mean that our service technicians are available as per your convenience & plant availability. Among all the heads out in the market, we provide aftermarket service at a most reasonable price.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Along with our machine’s customer can opt for AMC – Annual Maintenance Contract which can be really useful for maintaining machines as & when required during year.


On Call Service

Our service technicians know Sieving & Filtering technology, in & out & so we provide on call service on request for Galaxy made machines as well as competitor made sifters & filters at a very reasonable cost.


Health Check-up

We at Galaxy Sivtek help our clients in identifying how good working condition of their machine/s is/are by conducting Health Check-Up. After a successful health check-up, we provide them a certificate & report on how good their machine's health is & it's all free!


For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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