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features of centrifugal sifter

4 incomparable points that makes our Centrifugal Sifter the most adaptable Screening Solution.

4 incomparable points make our Centrifugal Sifter the most adaptable Screening Apparatus.

SIVTEK® Roto Sifter from the house of Galaxy Sivtek is one of the most adaptable screening machines across various mainstream industries like the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, chemical, dyes & pigments industry, plastic industry & many more.

Before we extract the points, it is quite important to know how our Centrifugal Sifter works.

SIVTEK® Roto Sifter works on the principle of centrifugal force.

The material is catered into the Material Inlet & rechannelled into the sifting chamber through the help of the fed screw. The helical paddles located in the cambers continuously rotate which results in pushing forward of material against the screen. Along with the process, the centrifugal force helps the material particles to move faster towards the openings. The process continues with the ejection of oversize particles from the oversize outlet & undersize particles from the undersize outlet.

Adding on to the benefits of the Centrifugal Roto Sifter, the rotating paddles that never come in touch with the screen break the soft lumps.

Experts from the industry always advise us to use our reliable & ideal Centrifugal Sifter for sieving & check to screen applications like spices, detergent powder, talc powder, quartz powder, milk powder, food additives, chemical powder, lactose powder, sulfate & many more.

Let’s now be educated on the 4 unexcelled points that make SIVTEK® Roto Sifter or you can say the Centrifugal Sifter the most adaptable screening apparatus.

1. Dust-free, Compact & Sanitary design: one of the very first reasons why Centrifugal Sifter is a boom for the pharmaceutical, food & beverages industry is its compact, dust-free & hygienic design. SIVTEK® Roto Sifter is designed in a way where the chances of contamination are almost null. It is designed to give much higher throughput for various process industries with the prime benefit of providing a dust-free environment.

2. No vibration & low noise level: Product expert & designers prior to designing the Centrifugal Sifter, had certainly looked after all the guidelines & rules of major governing bodies like the US FDA. Compared to conventional sifters, the SIVTEK® Roto sifter is quiet & works on the no vibration principle. The noise of the sifter is very minimal & to be precise noise level is less than 80DB.

3. Quick Screen Change: Keeping the separation fundamentals intact, the Centrifugal Sifter enables the screen to change faster than any other separator & sifter ever. The silk & smart design of this sifter can let change the screen in less than 2 minutes.

4. Multiple Cleaning options: The functional Centrifugal Sifter has smoothened the process of cleaning the mesh & basket & with us, it has been more convenient & easier. SIVTEK® Roto sifter comes with three options for cleaning.

4.1 Clean up with Rubber: Using a centrifugal Sifter with rubber blades takes care of fibrous material which is not good with a brush blade as the fibrous particles may entangle in brush bristles. With the help of rubber blades, oversized particles can be thrown out easily. Cleaning up with rubber is a good option for liquid/solids separations.

4.2 Clean up with Brush: Cleaning up with a brush is quite a good option where the product particles are going to be hard.

4.3 Clean up with Air: At times to avoid even a minute of contamination cleaning up with air works the best. Mostly it is used by the food & pharmaceutical industry, where zero contamination is accepted & entertained. Cleaning up with a brush or rubber may lead to contamination, but with air, the possibilities are almost null. At the time of sieving fine mesh material airbrushes clean the screens with the hollow drive shaft and blow the air through multiple air spouts and sustain the output.





Apart from these 4 unexcelled points, there is a lot more that makes SIVTEK® Roto Sifter special & unique sieving & separating machine. Here are a few more points that will make sure using & installing Centrifugal Sifter in our plant would be the most capitalizing & wise decision.

Easy to clean: The internals of the sifter can be removed quickly & without the use of tools. This enables easy & quick cleaning.

Fits into your current production lines:

To inquire about the machine please get in touch & to know in detail download the e-broacher here.

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