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Separate Silica Sand

Machine: Linea Sivtek®

Separate Silica Sand With Rectangular Separator

Watch an exclusive onsite video of Linea Sivtek® being used to sort silica sand into two different sizes as precisely-sized sand has a huge market. Precisely sized silica sand is used in making all kinds of premium glasses & ceramic products.

Silica Sand is considered to be one of the premium quartz that has a wide range of industrial usage. The list of its usage is long, from being used as raw material in making glasses, ceramic products, metal, paints & coatings to being used as prime material in construction projects & for the recovering agent of gas & oil.

The wide range of sieving solutions from the house of Galaxy Sivtek is capable of serving screening, de-dusting & grading silica sand without compromising on factors like output & accuracy.

Rectangular separator


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