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Ash Slurry

Our robust Vibro separators, sieving machines, and automatic filters are capable of filtering liquid & slurry applications.

Removing oversize particles from liquid, separating solid from liquid & eliminating small contaminants from the liquid is possible with our range of industrial sifters & filters.

Sivtek Vibro Separator®, Sivtek 360° Discharge Separator®, Super Sivtek Separator®, Inline Sivtek® & Sivtek Self Cleaning Filter® are among the most installed machines for filtering various liquid & slurry applications like honey, chocolate slurry, sugar syrup, cough syrup, ash slurry, & more.

The above video shows “Ash slurry” being filtered with our low headroom Inline Sivtek®. The low profile separator - Inline screening machine is used to remove residue from the slurry.

If you are also looking for filtering or screening any such products, you can trust our wide range of solutions.

For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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