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Grated Cheese

Our robust & optimal Vibro screens, vibrating sieving machines, gyratory separators, inline sifters, centrifugal sifter, and self-cleaning strainers & filters have helped the food, beverage & dairy industries for sieving, screening, filtering & sorting various products.

From filtering chocolate liquids to screening milk powder, from sorting grated cheese to sieving chocolate powders, our industrial sifters & filters have a proven record for serving the “Food & Dairy” industry.

Watch exclusively in-house trial video being conducted at galaxy’s research & development lab.

Before actually providing the solution to the client, we run a trial to make sure all the client requirements like output capacity & accuracy are achieved.

In the video grated cheese is being sorted with help of our Sivtek Vibro Separator®. Our gyratory separator helps in getting accurate grading of ‘Grated Cheese’ without any breakdowns in the processing line.

For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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