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Wood Powder

Sawdust powder is used in many applications like mosquito coils, PVC Cable, Incense Sticks, Plastic, Construction, Fuel and animal feed. All these industries require quality wood powder to maintain its brand name in the competitive market.

Galaxy Sivtek is providing an effective solution to sieve sawdust and removes impurities to give you accurate sizing of wood particles. Sawdust is the waste product or by-product of wood and timber industry. it consists of powder, wood chips, and other impurities.

The impurities can be in the form of metal, plastics or stones. Vibro sifters can remove these impurities and separates the usable wood material. Wood chips are used in the paper industry too therefor many industry players are using a vibrating sieve for gradation as well.

For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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