Featured Industries

Featured Industries

Since 25 Years, Galaxy Sivtek has provided solution for nearly 5000+ projects with 750+ customers present across 15 countries operating in 12+ diverse industries. Galaxy Sivtek is one of the leading solution providers for vibrating sieve & screening solutions with largest manufacturing facility of 65000 Sq.Ft with a capacity of manufacturing 100 + machines per month.

SIVTEK Products are US-FDA & cGMP compliant with required DQ/IQ/OQ protocols and certifications. Choose SIVTEK, Improve Product Quality & Stay Safe.

For your industry below, choose sieving & filtering solutions as per you need, read customer success story similar to your application or explore solution for various industry application.

Enhance Quality Of Food & Beverage Products.

Widest range of separators & filter for various dry & wet food applications such as food grains, dairy & confectionary, flour and more.

Sieving & Filtering Products

Sieve, screen bulk solid, powder, food ingredients or liquid slurries with SIVTEK food sifter & self cleaning filter…

Customer Happiness Story

How chocolate manufacturers improved quality of chocolate ingredients with SIVTEK range of solutions…

Food Application

Is production output a concern? OR looking for genuine US-FDA & cGMP compliant spares for current vibrating…

Increase Quality Of FMCG Products.

Sifters, Screeners & Separators for Personal & Home Care Products.

Sieving & Filtering Products

Sieve, Screen, De-lump & Sift-choose range of SIVTEK products for various applications to improve product quality and be safe from product recall. Explore SIVTEK products.

Customer Happiness Story

How Amul achieved high quality of baby milk powder with SIVTEK Inline Sifter with a bag dumping station as an add-on.

Personal & Home Care Application

From personal care to home care, SIVTEK products can assist you with any solution for any application. Explore, select your application and solution for same.

Pharmaceutical Sifters & Filters.

Sanitary equipments to improve quality of various pharmaceutical drugs such as powder, granules & liquid syrup and ingredients used in drug formulations.

Sieving & Filtering Products

SIVTEK Sanitary Separators are cGMP & US-FDA compliant & made of high quality stainless steel 316L with spares to boost product quality further.

Customer Happiness Story

How a leading pharmaceutical brand increase process rate by 180% and increased production output. Read a customer satisfaction story.

Pharmaceutical Application

Sift & filter any form of pharmaceutical drug i.e. powder, granules, cream or liquid syrup. Explore solution for your particular application.

Pulp & Paper Separators.

Back water, recover pulp, reuse water & more-A range of SIVTEK separation equipments pulp & paper industry.

Sieving & Filtering Products

SIVTEK Vibrating screen & Industrial Filter is used in leading Pulp & Paper Industry. Choose SIVTEK products for various applications

Customer Happiness Story

A leading pulp & paper customer increased production of paper pulp by recovering it from back water with SIVTEK vibrating separator.

Paper & Pulp Application

Recover pulp from back water. Improve production of Paper. Reuse water for paper production process. Whats yours?

Mineral & Metal Powder Screeners.

SIVTEK series of high capacity vibrating screeners to classify various minerals & metals.

Sieving & Filtering Products

Classify and remove impurities from important, fine & difficult to sieve mineral & metal powders with SIVTEK vibrating screeners.

Customer Happiness Story

How a customer achieved and increased the process rate of quartz sand & completely avoided the pollution of environment. Read technical details.

Mineral & Metal  Application

Fused silica sand, coke, china clay, Iron, nickel, zinc, copper, calcium carbonate, quartz sand are among many applications to explore.

Filters & Screeners for Chemical & Pigments.

Improve quality of chemical & pigments during various stages of production process.

Sieving & Filtering Products

Agrochemicals, explosive chemical powder OR catalyst. Sieve, Grade OR Classify any chemical & pigments with SIVTEK Filters and Screeners.

Customer Happiness Story

A leading brand increased efficiency by 95% and output by 100% of activated carbon. Read know how of product & solution implemented.

Chemical & Pigments Application

Precise sieving & filtering of various chemical & pigments. Explore our experience for various applications.

Screening & Filtering

Improve Quality of Inks & Dyes, Powder Paint and Liquid Paint.

Sieving & Filtering Products

SIVTEK vibrating separator & liquid filter are among the favorites for various applications for inks & paint industry.

Customer Happiness Story

SIVTEK Industrial Liquid Filter is engineered to replace manual operation and intervention during filtering of liquid paints.

Inks & Paints  Application

Remove contaminants from Liquid Paint. Improve Quality of Powder Paint. Looking for something similar?

Cement & Sand Screeners.

Rugged & Efficient Separators for Construction Industry.

Sieving & Filtering Products

SIVTEK range of products includes high capacity & high volume screeners for construction industry

Customer Happiness Story

How SIVTEK Vibrating Sieve improved production of china clay-an important ingredient of group of industrial minerals.

Cement & Sand Application

Improve Product Quality. Remove Oversize. De-agglomerate construction materials.

Plastics & Polymers Separators.

Range of SIVTEK Separators for Plastic & Polymer Industry.

Sieving & Filtering Products

The SIVTEK line of vibrating sieves assists brands in plastic & polymer industry to recycle plastic & master batch screening. Explore Product Range.

Customer Happiness Story

A leading brand increased process rate, removed oversize material and dust before packaging of plastic pellets sent further for production. Read customer story.

Plastics & Polymers Application

SIVTEK range of products serves & provides solutions for diverse range of applications in plastics & polymer industry.

Glass & Ceramics Sieves

Industrial Sieves for Glass & Ceramics Industry.

Sieving & Filtering Products

Galaxy Sivtek has deployed various solutions in glass & ceramics industry. Sifting, Grading or effectively perform any other types of separation with SIVTEK products.

Customer Happiness Story

SIVTEK Vibrating Screener assisted a leading manufacturer & supplier to eliminate oversize & foreign particles from glaze slurry to improve its quality. Connect for more details.

Glass & Ceramics Application

Be it silica sand, glaze slurry or any other glass & ceramics applications. We have a solution. How SIVTEK products can assist you with solution for diverse range of applications in this industry. Choose your application.

Agriculture & Fertilizer Screener

High Performance Industrial Screeners.

Sieving & Filtering Products

The SIVTEK line of vibrating separator assists brands for precise classification of various agricultural & fertilizer products. Explore SIVTEK Products.

Customer Happiness Story

A leading cattle food manufacturer improved food quality by eliminating broken food solid from on-size cattle food before packing the final product. Read customer story.

Agriculture & Fertilizer Application

Improve quality of diverse range of agriculture & fertilizer applications such as tobacco, cattle feed, urea, NPK, phosphate and more. Explore solution for specific application.