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Pneumatic screeners are highly powerful vibratory sifters that have become popular due to their capacity of screening substances in one session. These versatile inline screeners are one of the best amongst top-notch industrial sieves and screens.

Powered by pneumatic system which increase the capacity of in-line pneumatic scalping and dedusting, our pneumatic sieving machines can process free-flowing material very easily and process them through dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems.

Obsoleting the need of pneumatic separators are designed with dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems that can de-agglomerate and screen a versatile range of materials.

What makes our pneumatic screeners different from industrial sifters is its unique functionality. With the help of circular motion, the screener continuously propels the material through coarse apertures embedded in a cylindrical screen.

These pneumatic screening machines are intuitively designed which connect the top screen and the bottom screen with a bypass chute. With this unique feature, the on-size material which enters the central chamber gets two separate pathways to reach the bottom outlet. It can either go upward to the top screen and trickle downward through the chute or go downward through the bottom screen. In this process, the oversized particles are disposed of through a spout at the periphery of the lower screen.

Our pneumatic screeners also come with quick disconnect clamps which can help disassemble the machine for a thorough washdown.

Depending on the needs of your industry, you can customize these pneumatic screening machines with our wide range of enhancement options. There are a myriad range of advancements that can be added to fulfill your needs.

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