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Round Vibro Separator

Vibro Sifter
Vibro separator


Providing the most economical and efficient screening results across varied industries, Sivtek Vibro Separator is a one of a kind gyratory screener that can drastically enhance your screening process. Highly effective for screening, scalping, de-dusting, and filtering your raw material, the machine is ideal for screening a wide range of materials, like wet, dry, coarse, […]

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Vibro Sifter


To provide hygienic screening solutions to our diverse range of clientele, we bring you the Sanitary Sivtek® Separator, which can assure the most hygienic and highest quality processing of your screening material. To fulfill the high-level sanitary and hygiene parameters of industries like food & beverages and pharmaceuticals, the Sanitary Sivtek® Separator is masterfully designed […]

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