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In Solid-Solid Separation



Galaxy Sivtek

We are leaders in manufacturing world-class sieving & filtration equipment, having corporate office and gigantic manufacturing facility at Vadodara, Gujarat.We have pan India network and notable global presence.

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Quick Facts

  • We have our presence in more than 40 countries.
  • We have state-of-art manufacturing facility spread over 80,000.
  • We supply our sifters & filters to leading brands for more than 12 industries.


We serve

We serve to all the major processing and manufacturing industries as sieving, separation, and filtration are vital process in all the major industries.

1. Food Processing
2. Pharmaceutical
3. Paper & Pulp
4. Minerals & Metal


Product Range

01. High Vibration Sifter

High vibration sifters are one of the most innovative industrial screeners of today, redefining the capabilities of mechanical sifters. In comparison to conventional sieving machines, they can produce up to 3 times more vibration & output, which makes them the ideal screening machine.

Vibro Separator

02. Tumbler Screen

Designed for products requiring a real-time separation of fine particles from larger ones, Sivtek’s Tumbler screen® is a robust, high-performance solution. Additionally, the Tumbler screen® can provide optimal results for high-BD products generating 3Dimentional tumbling motion.

Tumble motion sieve

03. Round Vibro Separator

Providing maximum performance as well as accurately grading the final product, our fine range of circular vibrating screen separators is among the most reliable in the industry. Their performance is optimal for all kinds of screening, scalping, filtering, and gradation tasks.

Vibro sifter

04. Low Headroom Separators

The low-headroom separators are designed in a way that they can easily fit into any current system. Due to their compact design, and it can fit in smaller space and sieve maximum volume. Available in two variants with a single motor and double motor.


05. Centrifugal Screen

Throughout the industry, centrifugal screeners are revered for their precision and high performance. Scalping and sifting for both large and small particles can be accomplished with the high-capacity system.


06. Automatic Filters

The process industry also relies on filtering as one of its most important processes. The Sivtek self-cleaning filter, manufactured by Galaxy Sivtek is the leader in automatic filter manufacturing, is the most effective automatic filtering machine for wet and viscous materials.

Self cleaning filter

07. Pneumatic Screener

Galaxy Sivtek’s powerful pneumatic screeners are capable of screening products with pneumatic systems. These pneumatic vibro sifters are one of the most popular sifters. It helps to sieve the material in fully closed system. These systems are mostly used for scalping and dedusting.


08. Horizontal Vibrating Screens

When it comes to high-quality screening, Galaxy Sivtek’s Horizontal Vibrating Screen is the ideal solution. It comes with two high powered vibrating motors which can handle dry, wet, and abrasive materials, adapting to your requirements and delivering the performance that you Desired.

vibro screener






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