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Sieving and screening mineral and metal industry

The Strongest and Most Accurate Screening Machines

As integral and widely used as they are, minerals and metals are highly difficult substances to filter and screen. First of all, the minerals that are supposed to be extracted from the raw materials are very closely mixed with other substances which can become tricky to process. This makes it extremely necessary that the screening machines have a high accuracy rate.

Secondly, there is a wide range of metals and each metal has its individual properties. While some metals can be very hard and rigid, there are also some metals that are soft and can break easily if applied too much pressure. The screening machine needs to be able to control and modulate the environment of its deck as per your requirements.

Furthermore, as the mineral and metal screening materials are hard and made with the same material as the screens, they can leave heavy damage to the screen and drastically deplete its lifespan.

Taking into consideration the versatile needs and requirements of the mineral & metal industry, Galaxy Sivtek has designed some of the most powerful and efficient sifters and filters that are perfect for these diverse applications.

Our diverse range of products includes high-power vibro sifters, roto sifters, and centrifugal sifters that can considerably increase the throughput capacity of your processing line and drastically cut time consumption. They provide the most accurate screening results for a versatile range of materials. They are highly equipped in performing tasks like clarifying, grading, dedusting, sorting, and delumping, while maintaining the integrity of the product.

To allow your processing line to be able to screen a wide range of metals and minerals, all our screening and filtering machines come with automatic control panels, which give you the freedom to control the speed, precision, and air pressure.

Along with that, our screens are made with the toughest and best quality stainless steel that guarantees a long lifespan and utmost protection from harsh metals and minerals.


Sifters & Filters

Vibro Separator

01. Super Sivtek®

With this heavy-duty vibratory screen, you will achieve 3 times more vibration & obtain higher throughput in ultra-fine mesh than with a conventional sieving machine.

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vibro screener

02. Linea Sivtek®

The new horizontal vibrating screen, called the Linea SIVTEK. This horizontal screening machine features a unique, single-to-dual screen deck design that ensures excellent screening efficiency & increases productivity.

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Tumble motion sieve

03. Sivtek Tumbler screen®

A robust design provides real-time solutions to low bulk density products. The 3D tumbling motion enables easy screening of particles by generating optimal results.

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gyro separator

04. Sivtek Super Gyro Separator®

The most widely used screening machine. This machine utilizes electronic screening to revolutionize the industry by generating vibrational force that is 2X greater than a conventional sieving machine.

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low headroom separator

05. Inline Sivtek Dual Motor®

A compact sieving solution that combines low headroom design with safety sieving & check screening applications that require fine mesh to sieve.

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centrifugal sifter

06. Sivtek Roto Sifter®

Galaxy Sivtek’s centrifugal sifter is one of the most innovative screening apparatuses. For applications with low bulk density, it is the ideal & most reliable sifter.

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Esteemed Clients

Our Installations

Super Sivtek®

Super Sivtek® was installed for grading activated carbon powder at India’s biggest mineral processing plant.

The activated carbon is used in multiple applications such as medical, environmental, chemical, etc. the manufacturer has purchased not only one but 4 different Super Sivtek machines from Galaxy Sivtek.

The Super Sivtek® is installed for grading the carbon in different sizes, the conveying of the raw material is done from various conveyors and sent into the distribution system after separation.

Super Sivtek for activated carbon

Sivtek Vibro Separator®

The Sivtek Vibro Separator® is installed at the world’s most renowned manufacturer and producer of FMCG, cosmetics, food, beverages, etc. The vibro sifter is sieving calcite a most common carbonate mineral occurring naturally.

Calcite is used for various applications, including building abrasives, agriculture, pigment, cosmetics, etc. The manufacturer has bought 7 round vibro separators from Galaxy Sivtek just for sieving calcite powder.

Our Sivtek Vibro Separator is specially installed under the silo, where is material is screened and passed on for further processing.

Vibro sifter screening calcite

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