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Giving you one of the best screening experiences, our Centrifugal Screeners are revered across the industry for their seamless and high-functioning performance. It has been designed to execute high-capacity scalping and sifting for large, as well as small scale particles. From processing materials with minute particles, like powder, to bigger particles, like granules, the centrifugal sifter is designed to provide the highest quality of scalping and screening.

The most significant attribute of these turbo sieves is their standard motor. In contrast to the traditional vibratory sifters, the rotary sifter is powered by a standard motor that reduces power consumption and makes it extremely easy to attach the machine directly to the plant.

These sifters help you increase your throughput to an exponential level and increase your efficiency of processing. These attributes make centrifugal sifters a very profitable machine for industries like food & beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

To exponentially increase the production capacity, you can customize your rotary vibrating screen to be a twin motor machine. It increases the capacity of your turbo sieve to a level that is equivalent to the capacity of two individual rotary sifters. It has the combined power of two high-powered centrifugal sifters, which are installed in a compact framework, with a cantilever design of three-bearing shafts.

Our centrifugal screens provide the most efficient results without creating loud noises. The machine's noise level stays under the 80DB mark, which is lesser than the noise created by conventional machines. It also consumes less power without creating any extra vibrations.

It is highly beneficial for high-powered sifting of materials that are supposed to be kept hygienic and free from contamination. Our experts have designed our products while keeping the safety and hygiene parameters as the topmost priority.

Also, these centrifugal sifters' compact and concealed design makes them ideal for dust-free operations and maintaining the highest levels of hygiene without any leakages.

Roto Sifter

Centrifugal sifter to improve product quality with higher efficiency and maximum throughput.

Twin Roto Sifter

Dual motor centrifugal sieve working without vibration and minimize the production cost.

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