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One of the fore frontiers of the next-generation industrial screeners, our high vibration sifters redefine the capabilities of mechanical sifters. They provide the best performance while processing ultra-fine mesh with total ease. They can generate up to 3 times more vibration & output in comparison to conventional sieving machines which makes them the optimal screening machine.

These high vibration sifters are powered by heavy-duty vibrating motors that increase the isolation speed. To sustain the immense power generated by the motors, the machine is designed with rotating angles and adjustable motor weights which increase the level of stability.

It can process dry or wet materials with a high level of gradation that can give you the precise particle level that you need. It has a diverse range that can process all kinds of materials, including silica, powder paint, tapioca starch, coffee beans, silver powder, and lots more. The high vibration capacity of this machine can process materials up to 500 units without facing a breakdown.

The high levels of vibration in this mechanical sifter can process huge quantities in a very little time frame. This gives you an added advantage of reducing the time consumption while increasing your capacity of output in comparison to conventional sieving machines.

Also, it exponentially decreases your production cost. With a high-powering sieving machine, you can process more quantities with just one machine. Reduced machinery also means lesser manpower which further reduces your cost.

These high vibration screeners are also installed with Quick-release toggle clamps. The smartly engineered quick-release toggle clamps help you keep the functioning and operation of the machine easy while giving room to inspect the machine from time to time. There are also convenient inspection windows installed in the separator which further help in detecting problems that might arise in the machine.

Considering the sanitary requirements of chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries, our experts have designed our products while keeping the safety and hygiene parameters as the topmost priority. Our products are made with CGMP & FDA-approved material.

Our High Vibration Screening machines will give you the best performance, in terms of quality, quantity, and productivity, which makes it the right machine for any kind of screening purpose. Its high-powered functionality provides higher throughput of ultra-fine mesh while maintaining its accuracy and integrity.

Sivtek Super Gyro Separator

Gyro separator for sieving and screening powder, granules as well as filter slurries.

Super Sivtek

Get three-time higher vibration to maximize your throughput with 99% efficiency.

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