Plastics & Polymers

Plastics & Polymers

Increase productivity with polymers & Plastics sieves, screeners, separators and filters

Galaxy Sivtek has served the polymer / master batches industry with quality range of sieving and filtration equipment. From decades Galaxy Sivtek has expertise in serving polymer / master batches applications to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Plastics & Polymers Applications

Customer Success Stories

Reclaim Plastic

A trusted name in recycling Polyethylene Terephthalat(PET) achieved precise grading of PET Flakes with SIVTEK Vibrating Separator used further in manufacturing of plastic containers and bottles.

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Master Batch

A leading brand increased process rate, removed oversize material and dust before packaging of plastic pellets sent further for production.

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PET Flakes

A leading plastic manufacturing company deployed SIVTEK Vibrating Separator for de-watering application after washing of PET Flakes.

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Sieving of Various Plastics & Polymers Applications

We serve polymer / master batches industry for segregation polymer granules from oversize polymers and other custom solutions to satisfy your needs.

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