SIVTEK Vibro Separator

Vibrating Sifter for Separation of Powder,
Granules & Liquid Slurry

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SIVTEK Vibro Separator

Separation of Powder, Granules & Liquid Slurry

Read Product Benefits

SIVTEK Vibro Separator

Separation of Powder, Granules & Liquid Slurry

Solve your screening and grading problems with Galaxy Sivtek Vibrating Sifter

Galaxy Sivtek offers various specifications and custom designs such as vibratory separator, vibratory screener, vibro screen machine, vibrating sifter, round separator, industrial sieves. In addition to applying standard screening equipments, Galaxy Sivtek Separator has the capability for offering custom made sieving / screening machine.
With more than 25 years of proven performance, Galaxy Sivtek Separator provides effective, economical and efficient solutions to numerous process industries. Galaxy Sivtek Separator is designed for precision screening operations, to ensure separation of solid from solids and liquid from solid in coarse as well as fine sizes.

* Machines with CE logo marking available on request.

“We have been very grateful with the quality and efficiency achieved for grading whole Black Pepper with Sivtek Vibro Separator Machine GS 60 Double Deck. They are truly a great resource for our grading and sieving needs.

We will prefer to procure our requirement for Vibro Sifter from Galaxy Sivtek again!”– Avity Agrotech

Featured Benefits

Rendering maximum capacity and top-notch efficiency

Highly efficient offering maximum capacity to machines so that they give their best performance for the production to reach its desired level of output. Brings smoothness in production due to its efficient working features.

Ease in handling due to automatic discharge of material

Savage from chaotic situations because of its automatic discharging property. It becomes easy to manage Sivtek Vibro separator because of its self-regulating qualities that allows you to sit back and relax.

Consumes less power as well decrease in the maintenance cost

Easily affordable as it cuts down the amount of consumption power it requires as well as the cost for up keeping the separator.

Secures mechanism and changes in mesh system

Fixes mechanism the result of which there are comparatively less rundowns then before. Brings changes in the existing mesh system and thus high amount of production output with proper mechanism.

Efficacious separation of premium products

Products of higher qualities are now being separated easily with the help of Galaxy Vibro separator which brings fineness in the products.

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Customer Success Stories


SIVTEK Vibrating Sieve increased production output by 3 times at 350 KG/HR with 97% of efficiency.

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Crude Castor Oil

SIVTEK Vibro Separator reduced steam consumption and increased production output at 7 Tons/Hr. A Value For Money

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Turmeric Powder

With Sandwich screen ring & mesh deblinding kit assisted a leading brand to increase production of turmeric powder.

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