Super SIVTEK Separator

Triple your Output with Vibro Screens for Screening of
Powders, Granules & Liquid Slurry

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Super SIVTEK Separator

Triple your Output for Screening of Powders, Granules & Liquid Slurry

Read Product Benefits

Triple your output without increase the size of your machines!

Super SIVTEK Vibro Screens is a unique high energy and high efficiency Vibro Screening Machine which is capable to screen at much faster rates with Fine mesh as compared to Standard Vibro Screening Machines. This machine can provide up to 3 times higher throughput compared to standard vibro separators.

Galaxy Sivtek! The most reliable vibro screen manufacturer in the world made it possible by developing a unique design that generates higher vibrations and out of balance forces by the use of heavy duty motion generator. It uses a high force adjustable vibrator for full control of the material on the mesh screen. It is suitable for Dry or Wet Applications.

Featured Benefits

High Throughput

Heavy duty motion generator generates higher vibrations resulting 3 times high throughput with precise sieving compared to conventional vibrating screener.

Maximize Capacity

The SIVTEK High Capacity Separator provides up-to 5 levels of gradation for precise particle size distribution in one single operation. The Super SIVTEK is capable to sieve 500#.

Zero Gap Design

Eliminate contamination of product due to Zero Gap Design of Super SIVTEK with NO BOLTS inside the working area for critical applications.


Uniquely designed to occupy less floor space, easy to operate with quick mesh change and clamping mechanism resulting into decrease in manpower and maintenance costs.

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Customer Success Stories

Starch Powder

The SIVTEK High Capacity Screener with Ultrasonic kit increased throughput of material by 150% compared to conventional vibrating sieve.

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Beta Blue (Color Pigment)

With ZERO manpower a leading manufacturer of powder pigment beta blue increased production by 735% with 100% efficiency.

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Carbon Powder

SIVTEK High Capacity Separator assisted manufacturer & supplier of carbon powder to double the production with finest gradation i.e. particle size distribution of carbon powder.

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