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Mesh Deblinding Kit

Are you tired of fine particles blinding your screen constantly and hampering with your efficiency? Well, we have a solution for you. Galaxy Sivtek’ s ingenious Mesh Deblinding Kit helps you prevent such particle clogging and keeps your screen clean for a longer period.

Our Mesh Deblinding Kit is an excellent anti-blinding device which primarily works on elastomeric balls that can conveniently eradicate any fine particle. Due to the vibrations of the machine, the balls start bouncing and prevent the screening material from getting clogged in and around the sieve.

mesh de-blinding kit


They don’t only help you increase your efficiency and productivity, but they also help you to keep the screens clean and increase their lifespan. Furthermore, they also reduce wastage which adds to cost cutting.



Mesh De-blinding Kit


Mesh Deblinding Kit (MDK) is an anti-blinding ball tray arrangements which is installed underneath the sizing mesh. On that ball tray, enough elastomer or polymer balls are arranged that constantly tap the sizing screen. As the balls keep tapping the screen, all the dry screening particles that are clogged in and around the screen are released and help you increase your screening efficiency.



01. Increases Efficiency

With the help of this anti blinding device, you can screen your raw materials continuously and increase the throughput in the given time slot.

02. Improves Productivity

The Mesh De-blinding Kit helps you keep your screens clean, which reduces the costs and time in removing the screens and cleaning them repetitively. This increases your productivity and allows you to work more effectively.

03. Anti-Lumping

As the elastomeric balls constantly tap the sizing mesh, all the clogged particles and lumps in and around the sieve are released and removed easily.

04. Lowers Running Cost

With an ordinary screening machine, the screens wear out after a period and decrease their efficiency. This makes it necessary to buy new machines, which increases your costs significantly. With a Mesh Deblinding Kit, you can reduce the wear and tear on the screens and increase their lifespan.



  • The sizes of the ball come in various sizes and specifications depending upon material and customer requirement.
  • The deblinding balls are available in 4 different material options are given below.
  • Silicon
  • Nitril
  • Neoprene
  • Polyurethane
  • These balls are also compliant all kind of US FDA and cGMP norms.
Mesh De-blinding Kit

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