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14. 360° discharge separator & horizontal vibrating sieve for instant tea process

360° discharge separator & horizontal vibrating sieve for instant tea process


360° discharge separator & horizontal vibrating sieve for instant tea process

Globally known Food & beverage as well as FMCG Company who were also into manufacturing of instant teas, liquid ice teas & premix tea powder were looking for efficient screening & filtration solution.

Among the varieties of tea they manufactured, few teas hold on very strong market globally. Ice tea peach, ice tea lemon, ice tea mango, ice tea raspberry, ice tea green mint lime were among their most sold out products along with green tea sachets.

Requirement & Challenges

To summarize mechanical making process of instant teas in simple words, fresh or processed tea leaves are well mixed in hot water to extract solids from tea, extracted liquor is then clarified, filtered, concentrated & dried to powder.

During the manufacturing process of instant teas & liquid ice teas, requirement for filtration, screening & separation arises at various stages.

Client wanted filtration equipment after extraction process & screening machine after spray drying & before packaging.

They were looking out for effective filtration that could help them to remove solid substances from extracted liquor obtained during aqueous extraction.

One more requirement was of screening tea powder after spray drying & before packaging to make sure tea powder is free from any foreign contaminations & also no oversized particles go into packaging.

After the continuous extraction process, the extracted liquor is passed through decanter machine to remove insoluble solid leftovers like tea leaves from liquor. The company was looking for pre-filtration before clarification of extracted liquor so the burden on decanter machine could be lower down.

Currently with competitor made conventional round sifter, issues they were facing while pre-filtration was of low flow rate & output because of tea solids like squeezed leaves, etc. blocking &chocking the mesh while filtration process. Due to blockage of mesh screen, efficient & optimum filtration was not achieved.

Another requirement they quoted while briefing was of a robust screening machine that could help them after spray drying & before packaging in order to remove oversized particles, lumps or any foreign particles from final instant tea powder. Currently competitor made round vibro separator was installed for check screening the instant tea powder before packaging. The technical head of the unit stated that with round vibro separator, the primary problems were space it used to occupied and frequent maintenance that lead to more down times.



Product Expert from Galaxy Sivtek proposed to run an inhouse trial at Galaxy’s research & development centre with a sample of unfiltered raw sugar juice.

Sivtek 360° Discharge Separator® was selected for trial as mesh clogging was one of their major problems.

A proper centre feeding arrangement was made above 360° separator at the R&D lab to get the accurate results.

Trial Results were matching up to the requirements as a working mechanism of Sivtek 360° Discharge separator did not allow fibres & bagasse to stay over a mesh screen. Bagasse & fibres discharged quickly from a mesh screen, fell into 360° periphery (hollow edges) around the screen & thrown out from outlet spout.

Due to the quick discharge of unwanted oversize, the issue of mesh clogging was solved. With the elimination of mesh clogging other two by-problems were solved automatically.

Filtration of Raw sugar juice with 360° discharge separator, did not allow the mesh to block which in return enabled efficient filtering & helped in achieving the high desired output. The requirement for frequent cleaning was reduced to minimal cleaning as now fibres & bagasse did not stay over the screen.

A brief report with trial video as an evidentiary factor was sent to sugar manufacturer for analysis of results. After detailed analysis client agreed to the suggested solution of Sivtek 360° Discharge Separator® & ordered 2 machines.


After a successful trial for their both requirements, a brief summary & analysis report was sent to technical head of the unit. They agreed to proposed solution, Sivtek 360° Discharge separator & Linea Sivtek® were installed in their instant tea production plannnt.

As a part of client feedback & review system, our after sales representative approached the technical head of the unit to seek for their genuine feedback. We were delighted to receive positive feedback as client stated that our machines have helped them to yield quality product & lower the down time.

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