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63. Gram Flour

Case Study: Gram Flour


Gram flour is one of the most consumable products in the food industry. The food industry leaders are valuable clients to Galaxy Sivtek. They have successfully installed various SIVTEK Roto Sifter in their plant. All goes well until they found the problem of mesh chocking due to its fine mesh size.

Requirement & Challenges

It’s a common industry problem, when the material gets stuck in the holes of mesh and you can no longer pass the material through this. This will slow down the process and reduces the throughput capacity.

Manually cleaning was a headache for them, it was hard to clean the mesh when the process is going on. The best thing they did at the earliest was to call the Galaxy Sivtek Sieving and Filtering Experts.



Roto Sifter gives you clean and hygienic gram flour screening experience with no vibration. but a blinding system always needs a vibrating agent. The R&D team & Design team at Galaxy Sivtek Gathered to solve the problem.

After many trials and changes in the design, they finally suggested Inbuilt Brush Cleaning System which eliminates the need of manual cleaning and mesh chocking


The gram flour manufacturer procured this arrangement and started the system. “Amazing result” – Said the plant manager. The brush is attached to the shaft and rotates with it cleaning the mesh. The small alteration in the machine gives you high throughput capacity.

Like this Galaxy Sivtek is at your service 24X7. share your sieving and filtering problem with us and let us handle the problem. Because we are not just producers of sifters but also the producer of sieving ideas and technology.

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