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05. Double-Screen Gyratory Separator for sorting Copper Sulphate

Double-Screen Gyratory Separator for sorting Copper Sulphate


Delivered double-screen gyratory screener with Mesh De-blinding Kit for grading copper sulfate into 3 different sizes at India’s renowned agricultural fertilizer manufacturing company.

A leading agricultural fertilizer manufacturing company with clientele across the globe. The company was looking for a robust screening machine that could help them to achieve optimum results while grading copper sulfate into three different sizes.

Requirement & Challenges

The challenge was to sieve & sort copper sulfate powder with uneven shaped & sized particles.

The fertilizer manufacturing company was previously using a competitor-made gyro screener, but due to unevenly shaped particles, the problem of mesh screen choking took place.

Mesh screen choking invited many other problems like frequent wear & tear of mesh screen, and increased need for maintenance along with low output.

  • Mesh choking
  • Wear & tear of mesh screen
  • High maintenance cost
  • Low output
  • More manpower involvement



Galaxy Sivtek’s sieving & filtration experts, consisting of a team of design and R&D engineers, worked on providing the right set of solutions.

The R&D engineer requested the company to provide a sample of material (copper sulfate) to study the nature of the material.

After a detailed study of the nature of the material (particle sizes, particle shapes, moisture content, etc.) it was concluded to opt for a do-deck Vibro separator with different mesh openings.

The trial was conducted on two different round sifters from Galaxy Sivtek, Sivtek Tumbler Screen® & Sivtek Gyro Separator® with dual deck. The reason to conduct the trial on two different machines was to check the parameters like vibration pattern, how long material stays on mesh & required output.

The double-deck gyratory screener was fitting the requirement, but the problem of mesh choking due to unevenly sized particles was intact.

To eradicate the mesh choking issue, Mesh De-blinding Kit was fixed beneath both the mesh screens.

Mesh De-blinding Kit consists of trays & rubber balls that constantly keep on tapping the mesh screen & help in avoiding mesh choking.

The final conclusion was drawn to supply the gyro screener with Mesh De-blinding Kit.


The combined solution of a gyratory screen separator with Mesh De-blinding Kit allowed the hassle-free gradation of copper sulfate powder into different sizes with the required output.

After the successful installation of a double-layered gyratory separator, an onsite trail test was conducted to find the status of mesh choking & actual performance. No evidence of mesh choking was found.

The solution provided by Galaxy Sivtek is helping us out in sorting fungicide material into different sizes with the utmost ease.
– Managing Director

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