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04. API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)

Success Story – API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)


The pharmaceutical industries are among the leading industries in the world. The primary role of pharmaceutical companies is to produce quality pharmaceutical products or medicines.

Pharmaceutical industries are those industries that strictly follow quality and hygienic guidelines while processing their products. Equipment in the pharma plant is kept in an enclosed environment to avoid contamination risks and hazards.

One of our recent clients and known companies in the pharma sector is the manufacturer of API powders. They are providing API as the raw material for different pharmaceutical formulation divisions. Let us see what challenges they were facing while sieving their material and how Galaxy Sivtek assists them to come out of it.

Requirement & Challenges

APIs denote the dosage in a drug, or in other words the key chemicals that make the drug work. To manufacture API, the raw materials are first sieved and filtered to check and remove the impurities before entering into the process. Then the chemicals are processed further to get the final API in the powdered form.

Sieving and filtration are the processes to eliminate impurities or say to remove unwanted particles based on size differences. It is also used to grade the material in different sizes to fulfill the application requirement.

This process is also repeated before packaging the material to ensure that the packed material is free from any oversize impurities.

The major issue they were facing in their processing plant was the dusting from a Vibro sifter and a mesh blinding complaint every time. This leads them to process delays, a dirty environment, health hazard issues, and lower production rates.



One of our SIVTEK experts visited the facility on request and observed the overall process. The Vibro sifter they were using was a low-quality, average-performance sifter. This might have cost them less when procured but they were not aware of the hidden cost of a conventional shifter.

Now it’s the sifter that is costing them high in the long run. After various checks and observations, We assisted them to use a SIVTEK sanitary separator which is highly dustproof and made of high-grade stainless steel specially designed for critical bulk powders. A crevice-free design makes it a robust machine that keeps the environment clean all the time.

We also suggest they use a Vibrasonic Deblinding System which is nothing but a deblending device, that enables the mesh to deblind while the sieving process is commenced. The instrument spread the ultrasonic waves along the mesh screen to tap and remove the trapped particles eliminating the mesh blinding completely.


The brand new SIVTEK Sanitary Separator was placed with the VDS system in the ongoing processing line. The plant head was bound to say that the solution provided by the Galaxy site was up to the mark. He mentioned that now there is not a single issue of dusting or exposing the chemical in the environment.

A few days later when they checked their production rate, it was quite delightful. There was a drastic difference from the previous situation.

Thus it’s time to look into your API manufacturing process to check for sieving or filtering issues. Its time to check if your mediocre sifter or filter blocking your production and growth? If yes contact a Sieving expert to give you the right sieving and filtering solutions.

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