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78. Beta Blue

Success Story: Beta Blue


Galaxy Sivtek created dusting free environment and increase efficiency by 100% for the color pigment industry.

Requirement & Challenges

Customer was using a sieving machine for a 48″ diameter with an output of 600 kg/hr. Due to improper clamping arrangement, they were facing dusting problems. Even clamping arrangement was nut bolt system which becomes very difficult during dismantling machine. This affected screening speed and the screening process became much more time-consuming.



The customer wanted to come out of the dusting problem and was in requirement of a good clamping system. They approached Galaxy Sivtek. Galaxy Sivtek team did some R&D in their trial house and found that the Super Sivtek 48 with high vibrating and good clamping system can meet client requirements and help to come out of problems faced by them. The Galaxy sivtek responded to customers and suggested installing Super Sivtek 48 with high vibration technology and a good clamping system in their plant..


Customer was completely satisfied with Galaxy Sivtek machine by making dust-free environment and increase in output by 5 tons/ hr and efficiency of about 100%. Even manpower was decreased by none.

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