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55. Maize Flour

Success Story: Check Screening Of Maize Flour


One of the biggest Maize flour milling company in India which has been also a leading & major supplier of Maize flour & cornmeal to Food & related industry were looking for a Check Screening solution for their Maize flour after being ground & before being packed.

The company supplied Maize flour to the industry which was the manufacturer of nutritional food, animal feed & baking products, so it was mandatory for them to supply the best quality & contamination-free flour with the right grade.

Requirement & Challenges

While communicating to the product expert of Galaxy Sivtek, the production manager of the company stated that they want to fine sieve Maize kernels to remove the sand or other impurities smaller than maize before being transferred to de-stoner.

Further while explaining the needs & briefing about challenges, he educated us about their requirement for check screening of Maize flour once it is grinded/milled & before it is packed.

The current conventional sieves they were using demanded high maintenance & were not giving the desired output.

After understanding their concerns, the Product Expert from Galaxy Sivtek asked to send a sample of Maize Kernels & Maize flour for Sample sieving & check screening.



After conducting the successful trial at Galaxy’s Research & Development department, the suggestion to install Linea Sivtek® for fine sieving of Maize Kernel & Super Sivtek® Separator for check screening of Maize Flour was made.

A linear motion Sieve was installed as it demands very minimal maintenance & gives high throughput cause of its more area to sieve.

Also, for check screening of Maize flour before packing Round Vibro Sifter were installed which gave them tremendous results to eliminate contaminations (like fiber or screws that might have entered during manufacturing) & oversized particles.


Galaxy Sivtek Vibro Separator successfully increased customer plant capacity after installation. All problems that the customer had previously faced have been resolved.

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