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33. Chocolate liquor

Success Story: Chocolate liquor


Chocolates are used in many industries in the form of cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, and chocolate powder to make many food ingredients. Chocolates are obtained from the seeds called cocoa seeds.

The largest manufacturer of chocolate products wanted a sieving and filtering solution in their processing plant. They were facing the problem of contamination in the liquid chocolate as well as in the raw material ingredients.

Requirement & Challenges

Cocoa beans are removed from cocoa pods, fermented, dried, and sent to make liquid chocolate. Liquid chocolate manufacturer transports the container full of chocolate liquor at about 40 degrees Celsius. They used to check screen the liquid with a conventional perforated sheet. The disadvantage of this approach was the open environment. Cocoa liquor gets easily contaminated by human intervention. We soon realized the consequences of not changing the current system when our batch starts being rejected by the quality department.

The chocolate liquid solidifies at normal temperature and blocks the perforated sheet openings and manual cleaning becomes a time-consuming job. Moreover, there are different raw materials used as ingredients in making chocolate products that need to be checked sieve before mixing the ingredients. Sugar, coconut powder, fruit & nuts, milk, alcohol, etc are used as ingredients to make chocolate products.



The manufacturer was hunting for a sieving & filtering solution expert who can assist them to resolve the above issue. They approached Galaxy Sivtek and let the SIVTEK expert understand the situation. Our sieving expert explained that chocolate is the kind of liquid that requires maintaining temperature throughout the process. Galaxy Sivtek has built up a filter that fits just right into your requirement, The SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter with the jacketing system.

SIVTEK Self-cleaning filter works on pressure difference (Delta P) and eliminates the need of cleaning the basket manually. The filter removes oversize particles in the basket and runs throughout the batch or till when you want to run the system. The customized solution in SIVTEK self-cleaning filter gives you the outer layer of the filter jacketed. So that the temperature of the inside filter is maintained by hot water flowing within the jacketing system.

We also suggest you install a check screener commonly known as SIVTEK inline Separator. The separator is designed to give higher throughput capacity with accurate sieving that removes any unwanted oversize contaminations securing your food ingredients.


As soon as they installed both the sieving and filtering solution in their processing line, their process becomes easier and the result was unaccepted.

The plant manager mentioned that “We use to take two workmen to do the job and the floor remains dirty. Which is not a good sign for a food company. But thanks to Galaxy Sivtek who have assisted us to get an automated filtration system. We just have to set the system and leave it aside. The self-cleaning filter does its job perfectly.”

The quality department now appreciates the efforts of the manufacturing department and Galaxy Sivtek who supplied reliable equipment which eliminated the quality rejections.

the manufacturer has invested a one-time cost in building a great hassle-free sieving system. You too can consult a Sieving expert and ask for assistance. Galaxy Sivtek has expanded its wings in more than 12+ industries and 30+ countries.

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