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41. Chocolate Slurry

Success Story: Chocolate Slurry


World loves chocolates and they are dependent on chocolate manufacturers to meet the growing demand of it. One of our valued customer is a bigwig and fully integrated player in chocolate industry. they are manufacturing chocolate to a large number of market segments across the world which includes hospitality, bakery, confectionery and ice cream with wide range of indigenous and customized chocolate. with cocoa products.

Screening and filtration are very important aspects in Chocolate Industry, as raw materials are to be screened and filtration process occurs at various stages in process and post process. Here we are discussing some of the industry problems faced by the leaders in filtering chocolate slurry.

Requirement & Challenges

Chocolate slurry is to be of high quality and contamination free when you want to stand tall in the market. Our client too is a leader in chocolate industry and exporting material to foreign countries. The day the manufacturing company went into a huge shock when their export lot was rejected due to quality issues.

The ice cream manufacturer in USA rejected the lot when their company personal found some impurities in chocolate slurry supplied by our client. They also mentioned that nozzles which are used for filling chocolate in ice cream cone starts chocking due to large lumps particles.

What went wrong? What is the reason? They had to immediately gather the team of analyst to check what went wrong. The team of experts thoroughly checked the processing plant and made a complete report on safety, quality and precautions to be taken while solving the issue.

Small hygienic issues were found and communicated to the workers and staff to strictly follow the hygienic rules related to processing plant. But the main problem they found was in the filtering process.

When they checked the after filter product, it was containing impurities and lumps present in the chocolate slurry. “There is the problem!” plant manager said.

Further investigation showed that the main problem was with the vibro separator used for filtering the liquid slurry. They were using round separators from local supplier. The machine was quite a low profile vibro sifter with barely vibrating and filtering the material. Mesh were damaged because of heap creation. Mesh opening were getting bigger and lumps passed through the mesh.

While screening process mesh was getting chocked due to solidification of the chocolate slurry. After every batch they were facing difficulty in cleaning the chocked mesh.

The slurry was contaminated with foreign particles due to open environment separation and manual handling. The problem was getting bigger and bigger day by day and they knew that buying a new vibro sifter or changing the mesh is not the solution.

A true expert in sieving can only help the manufacturer to overcome this critical disaster.



One of the Galaxy Sivtek’s sales manager came in contact with them and they explained the whole scenario to the SIVTEK expert.

Galaxy Sivtek team approached to them and analysed their current situation.

They were using Vibro Sifter before packaging area. Chocolate slurry had to pass through in a closed system under warm environment so that it does not get solidified and chock the processing line.

Galaxy Sivtek Expert explained to them that filtering process can be made easy if the automated and closed system is used in the filtration process.

“Another Vibro Sifter won’t solve your problem” You need a closed leak proof and hot water jacketed system which allows the slurry to flow continuously. The expert explained them. The best substitute of the vibrating machine is the SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter.

We suggested that you can use SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter instead of conventional vibro sifter which is the best solution in this kind of scenario. You are going to filter the application in enclosed environment as well as continuous operation can be achieved as this filter cleans the basket automatically on a scheduled time.

The self cleaning filter is customized with hot water jacketing system around the filter. Hence the slurry remains in liquid state and does not chock the mesh while processing.

You are advised to flow hot water in the jacketing area maintaining the temperature between 40° to 60° celsius. The hot water flow should not be stopped even if the self cleaning filter is in idle condition.


The Self Cleaning Trial was conducted at client site for the whole month. After a successful completion of trial period the MD of the company concludes that “this Filter from Galaxy Sivtek was a game changer for our processing line. Not only the filter runs continuously for a longer time without any interruption to clean or wash the machine, but it provides very accurate filtration that it’s hard to find any impurity”.

The plant manger also mentioned that “Self Cleaning Filter with hot water jacketing system was the great idea from Galaxy Sivtek because it has eliminated the manual work and made it a fully automated system.”

“Export sales have increased more due to high quality of our chocolate slurry and our client, the ice cream manufacturer in USA is now satisfied with the product quality.” Concluded the export sales manager.

The Quality was improved with the clean and hygienic filtration equipment. With over year of experience Galaxy Sivtek is proud to say that our expertise in sieving & filtering solution will never let you compromise on quality.

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