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24. Dewatering & Grading Biomass

Success Story – Dewatering & Grading Biomass


Biomass is the waste substances of the animal or plant which are used to make biofuel and raw material for various industries. Biomass generated could be used for feedstock, biodiesel, biogas, animal feed and for variety of applications.

The biowaste is collected from various locations therefore it must go from different processes to generate biomass. One of our clients is a leader in making biomass used for various applications. A few months back they were facing a dilemma in their sieving and filtering system. Let’s see how Galaxy Sivtek team assist them with the solution.

Requirement & Challenges

Our client wanted the filtration system for dewatering application. The biomass is in the slurry form and needs to screen through a robust sieving system. They were using a conventional Vibro separator to filter and grade in a different size but the pipes which were connected to the sifter were getting chocked due to the low performance of the sieving machine.

The vibration generated from the sifter was not able to cope up with material feeding capacity. They were also facing the problem of cleaning and dis-assembling the sifter because it forces them to halt the process while they clean the sifter.



The company personnel contacted Galaxy Sivtek expert team to resolve the filtration and gradation problem in their plant. Galaxy Sivtek observed the situation and suggest them to first dewater the slurry in a larger mesh and then further grade it to reduce the load on the secondary screen.

Our expert assisted them to use a dual deck SIVTEK Gyratory Separator with high power vibratory motor. Primary deck separates water from the larger particles and the secondary deck grade smaller one from the water content.


As per Galaxy Sivtek suggestion, the management team procured the Vibro separator into their plant. Plant manager mentioned that, after installing both the sifter we do not have to bother about the choking issues in the pipes because the sieve never gets chocked and continuously filters the bio-slurry. This biomass was and then packed for further uses.

He also mentioned that this system not only enhanced our sieving experience but also made the disassembling easy whenever we require it for maintenance purposes. It has drastically increased our production throughput capacity and ultimately increased the profitability of the company.

This way Galaxy Sivtek ease the process and assist the processing industries to generate more quality and effective products. Contact the Galaxy Sivtek sieving expert to ease your process too.

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