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91. Filter Cocoa Liquor

Success Story: Filter Cocoa Liquor.


SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter Improved Quality of Cocoa Liquor & Reduced Product Wastage.-Mahesh Kumar-Project Manager.

Requirement & Challenges

Business Case: Filter Cocoa Liquor OR Chocolate Liqueur.

Cocoa Liquor is the basic ingredient of chocolate. Cocoa Liquor is produced from cocoa beans that have been fermented, dried, roasted and separated from skins. Initially, the company used a conventional industrial perforated sheet to filter cocoa liquor, produced after cocoa paste is melted and pressed. The open operating environment leads to impurities and cleaning of the perforated sheet were major concerns of the company.

Concerns: 3C’s: Chocking, Cleaning & Contamination.



After a brief discussion over e-mail and call with the company project manager, we suggested SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter Eliminate Contamination and Avoid Wastage of Cocoa Butter ” says Mayank Patel, Manager-Business Development and R&D.

Ideal & Precise for Variety of Liquid Application, Self Cleaning Filter-800 is Engineered for Hygienic Filtering of Extremely Viscous, Sticky and Abrasive Liquids.


The project manager was completely satisfied with the technical details of SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter (SF-800) and SIVTEK Filter was deployed to improve the quality of cocoa butter. The installation of SIVTEK Industrial Filter before extracting cocoa butter and solid mass i.e. cocoa press-cake resulted in a tremendous improvement in eliminating impurities and improved overall production of cocoa butter.

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