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65. Success Story - Filter Water in Plastic Industry

Success Story : Filter Water in Plastic Industry


Check out how Galaxy Sivtek helped the plastic industry with reusing water.

Requirement & Challenges

One of the known brands in the plastic industry from Rajasthan was facing a major issue related to water. They recycle the plastics, initializing by washing the plastic materials and flowing them into the crusher. “Water is costlier in Rajasthan, we use channa (A kind of manual sieving arrangement) to filter out the water and reuse it,” Said the MD of the company.

They required some serious & permanent solutions for reusing water. The manual screening was time-consuming and breakdown happens all the time because of the heavy flow of water.



Galaxy Sivtek wanted to suggest the best possible solution to overcome the above challenge. One of our Engineer said “SIVTEK Vibro Separator model can be the best solution to not only filter the water but a double deck separator will help them to grade the plastics to ease the recycling process” Finally the desired sized Vibro screener was installed within the processing line with a velocity breaker. This velocity breaker will help the water to flow at a minimal pressure that a mesh ring can handle.


SIVTEK Vibro Separator was installed at the location as instructed by the expert from Galaxy Sivtek. Button pushed and the screener served its purpose! No manual handling, no wastage of water, No more time-consuming jobs. MD of the company was happy to see the automatic vibration and gradation of the recycling product. “It was not that easy before”, mentioned the MD.

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