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51. Dried Herbs

Success Story: Grading & Sieving of Dried Herbs


A leading Herbs & spices manufacturing company known for their Kitchen Masalas, were looking for sieving & grading solutions for dried herbs.

They were now going to be exporters of Dried Herbs to Gulf countries & few other big world markets. Looking for extension in business, they were bound to provide uncompromising quality herbs.

Also, having listed for global trade, they were now bound to follow strict guidelines & regulations imposed by various regulatory boards including FDA (Food & Drug Administration)



The company was looking to separate oversize & foreign particles from dried herbs. They wanted oversize dried herbs to be sent for regrinding & unwanted foreign particles like dust to be eliminated through the suction process & the remaining Dried Herbs to be of a specific size that can directly go for packaging.

Currently they were using competitor made Round Sifter with two screens; but they were facing 3 major problems

Low throughput: The company had a requirement grading 2 tons per hour, which was not being delivered by the current sieving machine.
High Maintenance: The existing traditional Round sifter was demanding high Maintenance; which in return affected their overall production & operational cost.
Non-Standard Machine: Existing sifter was not as per FDA regulations & guidelines.


After scrutinizing the problems; Galaxy Sivtek suggested installing a unique high throughput vibrating sieving machine – Super SIVTEK® double deck with superior Stainless-Steel body & with Food grade gasket and rubber to ensure it meets the hygienic standard required by FDA.

Super SIVTEK® with double deck for getting the product in two grades & eliminating foreign particles.

Super SIVTEK® is Ultra High Capacity & High Efficiency round Separator that gives almost 3x more output than a traditional round sifter available in market.

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