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49. Green Coffee

Success Story: Green Coffee


One of the biggest groups which are quite famous in the botanical industry is the earliest producers of Green Coffee. They are perhaps the largest producers of Green Coffee in the world. Galaxy Sivtek is having an old association and has been serving them sieving and filtering solutions for a long time.

Screening is a very important aspect of the Botanical Industry as it involves raw material involved throughout the process. Hence it needs to be sieved at all stages.

Requirement & Challenges

Roto Sifter was being used for the separation of stone, grit, foreign particles, and other various impurities at the early stage. The customer was also dealing with other local players in the separation technology but they were facing issues like less output, frequent rundown, and poor after-sales service.

The customer was searching for a durable machine that can work for longer hours without any rundown and delivers higher efficiency. Impure material was a hazard for them as it was not of good quality. Galaxy Sivtek was the only hope that could serve the purpose.



After understanding the requirement of the customer, Galaxy Sivtek experts bought a trial material into the R&D facility of the company. Understanding various aspects and past experiences we put our roto sifter model RS 500 in front to test the material and to know its capacity of it.

The trial reports were very good and it was giving triple output than an existing machine. The quality of the material was also satisfactory for the customer. Therefore, the SIVTEK expert suggested installing RS500 to remove initial impurities.


We endeavour to provide not only an excellent sieving but a higher output with less time consumption. The managing director and plant manager were fully satisfied with the working of the roto sifter and mentioned that “Your Roto sifter is highly successful for our product and gives 1500 kg/hr output which the previous machine couldn’t provide.

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