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81. Ink Filtration

Success Story: Ink Filtration


Printing ink is widely used in our world for various purposes. It is used in decoration, information transfer, and printing on surfaces ranging from aluminum, plastics, paper, and many more. A great quality of the print can be obtained through many factors, one of them is the good quality of printing ink used in it. One of our customers and a leader in the manufacturing of printing ink although they were producing high-quality ink they were facing filtering challenges. Due to that, they were facing downtime issues in production. Let us dive into the issue and see what solution our experts suggested to them.

Requirement & Challenges

The ink is made of four components, pigment, resin, solvent, and additives. Pigment powder brings color to the ink. Resins bind the particles together in the printing surface area. Solvents make the ink flow and additives give different properties to the ink. All of these ingredients are mixed together and ground in the big rollers to get the smooth finish of the printing ink.

Now before packing it in the containers the ink is filtered to eliminate oversize impurities. They were using bag filters for this process but this technique had its disadvantages. The filter was having poor bag life and it cost them around Rs. 80,000/Month which was very costly. In addition to the bag cost, they were also facing issues with cleaning bag filters. This cleaning required extra manpower & high downtime period which overall affected their production. They also required one standby bag filter for cleaning purposes. They were looking for a compact leak-proof filter design that can resolve their problems in ink filtration with high capacity.



They met Galaxy Sivtek online through our website and explained the issues to our sieving and filtering expert. This kind of problem is common among the ink and paint manufacturers our expert mentioned. To resolve the issue we provide a SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter which is a revolutionary product for this kind of application. Our expert also explained that the filter comes with a trapezoidal-shaped filter chamber which accurately removes the oversize impurities and cleans the mesh periphery automatically.

The filtering unit was quite impressive for the manufacturers so they procured one of the self-cleaning filters and installed it in the existing processing area replacing the old filter.


After the successful installation of the SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter model SF500 the plant manager quotes that “Now the filtration area is much cleaner than before due to the leak-proof property of the filter.” The self-cleaning ability of the filter helps them to eliminate the replacement of the filter media and reduced its cost of it.

Galaxy Sivtek provides high-quality filter media which is having a very good lifetime and the filter can run day and night without any interrupts. A self-cleaning filter is able to filter any liquid application with high throughput capacity and accuracy. So let’s come up with your product and discuss the challenges with our expert and get lifetime assistance from the Galaxy Sivtek team.

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