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68. Success Story - Masterbatch

Success Story : Masterbatch


SIVTEK Vibro Separator Improves the Quality of Master Batch

Requirement & Challenges

Masterbatch is the most important additive in the plastic industry. It is used to add color and other properties to the plastic. One of the known leaders in the plastic industry was facing an issue with the irregular size of a masterbatch. It is necessary to have an accurate size of the masterbatch to get the desired property of the plastics. Irregular size leads to low-quality of plastics & loss of rejected material in quality.



This is a common problem faced by the plastic industry. Masterbatch comes in an irregular granules shape from the extruder. These pigment mixers are put into a SIVTEK Vibro separator in the desired mesh for gradation. After the gradation process, these plastic granules are ready to add into the resins to form a color to plastic or to put the desired property to it. This product is also packed based on the gradation and sent to different plastic manufacturers.

With a quick inspection of the situation and masterbatch material, Galaxy Sivtek team offered six Sivtek Vibro separators of the model GS-48” to install in the production line.


11 months have passed and there is no sign of failure in the processing line. These Sifters have not only given the best performance in the gradation of masterbatch but also increased the production quantity with zero quality rejections. The industry leaders are highly satisfied with the commitment given by Galaxy Sivtek. It is highly advisable to use Genuine Galaxy Sivtek spares for optimum performance and to maintain product quality.

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