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79. Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP)

Success Story: Milk Powder


Galaxy Sivtek helped with a successful grading of milk powder without any barriers.

Requirement & Challenges

One of our customers, a leader in milk powder manufacturing, faced the problem of lumps and unwanted particles like thread pieces going in the powder. This was causing several problems in the upstream process. They needed a faster production process with better quality and increase efficiency. In addition to it, they wanted a solution that could solve the problem of dusting.



The customer was in search for someone who can grade unwanted particle. They approached Galaxy Sivtek if they can help with a quality solution. Galaxy Sivtek with its visualization capability to gain increase intelligence into its operation for better decision making due to vast experience could suggest installing GS 40 machine with Lid Assembly which could screen pure milk powder without any lumps or unwanted particles and at same time problem of dusting with also resolved.


Galaxy Sivtek’s vibro separator installation enabled our customer to grade milk powder as per their need with overall increased throughput and efficiency. In addition to this, it also prevented the dusting problem in their plant and GS 40 was easily integrated with the existing product line.

The customer is willing to replace existing Vibro Sifter with Galaxy Sivtek machines in all units.

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