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71. Paper Quality

Success Story: Paper Quality


SIVTEK Vibrating Separator has Assisted Leading Brands to Improve Paper Quality and Reduce Manufacturing Costs.

Requirement & Challenges

The biggest challenge the paper industry is facing today is the wastage of water resource, pulp fibers, and many useful chemicals. There is also an environmental concern when you discharge wastewater into the outer world.

One of the major industry leaders was facing the problem of low quality and high resource cost. They wanted an effective solution which can help them improve their paper quality and reduce the cost of their resource like water, starch solution & other chemicals.



After interacting with major paper and pulp manufacturing companies and visiting their respective paper production process , the engineering team cited that they face number of challenges such as waste of wood pulp after the pulping process, quality of final paper and wastage of water during paper production cycle which ultimately increases manufacturing costs and raise environmental concerns such as conservation of natural resources.


After understanding different production challenges from the engineering team at various million dollar paper manufacturers, we proposed SIVTEK solution namely SIVTEK Vibrating Separator and Self Cleaning Filter (bead blast finish) which is precisely engineered after deep research and development to achieve objectives and overcome challenges of paper & pulp industries. The engineering team was completely satisfied with the technical details of SIVTEK Vibro Separator and Self Cleaning Filter, which assisted brands to decrease operational costs and improve paper quality. The key benefit of SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter is its complete automation, which ensures the filtration process of starch and coating slurry runs continuously 24×7 without any breakdown, which eventually increases production capacity and profitability.

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