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Pulp Recovery

Success Story – Pulp Recovery


The pulp is the essential element used in the manufacturing of paper, paperboard, and other cellulose-based products. The Paper industry uses wood or bagasse as raw material for making the pulp. According to current research, analysis and data the global paper and pulp market were valued at 518 Billion USD in 2019 and it is forecasted to reach 679 billion in the year 2027 at CAGR of 3.45%.

Papermill owners believe in the reusability of useful pulp and precious liquid like water. Therefore the industrialists crave for robust filtering equipment to reuse the paper pulp. One of our client required a reliable sieving machine which provides higher performance and higher quality machine to recover the pulp residue from the paper mills. Let us see how Galaxy Sivtek assists them to install better filtering equipment rather than a traditional Vibro sifter.

Requirement & Challenges

Paper is made from the wood, which is then debarked and chipped to get the wood chips. Sawdust is also included in the manufacturing of paper products. Wood chips and sawdust are washed and sent to the digester. A piece of a wood chip can contain 50% of water, 25% of cellulose fiber which is the main ingredient makes the pulp and 25% lignin which binds the cellulose particles together. After a few chemical process and bleaching pulp is made. The pulp is then processed into the paper mill to get the actual paper.

Paper mil discharges remaining pulp which is generated as the residue from the rotating drums. Now the remaining pulp needs to be separated from water and the recovered pulp can be reused in the processing without wasting a single inch of it. They required a reliable sieving machine which provides higher performance and higher quality machine to recover the pulp residue from the paper mills.



Sieving expert from Galaxy Sivtek is assisting the paper industry from centuries and providing its sieving and filtering solutions across the globe. We are having a wide range of sifters and filters which are used at different stages in the paper making industry. According to past experiences and our high tech R&D centres we suggest them to use SIVTEK Vibro Separator GS48” to reclaim the pulp.

According to their discharged residue 48” inch Vibro Separator is a sufficient and best choice. The machine can generate higher vibration and throughput capacity compared to any low level or traditional sieving machine.


The machine was installed in the processing line just after the paper mill and collected pulp was filtered from water to reclaim the pulp. The paper mill manager mentioned that this machine is impressive as it functions so quickly providing good output capacity.

The SIVTEK Vibro separator provides a higher degree of vibration with an appropriate material flow angle so that the material travels easily and quickly towards the machine outlet. This will restrict the material to generate heap on the sieving mesh and provides continuous separation. So don’t waste the time and useful resources consult a SIVTEK sieving/filtering expert to solve your query about the pulp recovery and learn the advantages of SIVTEK Sieving equipment.

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