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86. Removing Fines From Sugar

Success Story: Removing Fines From Sugar


To Assure a final product free of fines.

Requirement & Challenges

Sugar is available in different qualities and grain sizes in the form of granulated, caster or icing sugar. To ensure high-quality sugar, the dust content should be kept to a minimum. The sugar needs to be fractionated and, at the same time, the dust needs to be removed using a suitable process.



The high production volumes require high-performance screening machines – for example, rectangular systems. The fines had to be sifted out carefully and recycled to avoid generating more fines.This is especially significant when large quantities are involved After a complete study of the requirement, Galaxy Sivtek team done some test in their trial house and found that the Linea Sivtek LS 50*100 with governor centrifugal force can meet client requirement.


The use of Linea Sivtek results in much higher throughput rate with a lower degree of clogging and provides a dedusting effect. The optimum setting configurations to ensure the best possible screening results.

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