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Screen Chocolate

Success Story: Screen Chocolate Ingredients.


SIVTEK Solutions have Dramatically Improved Quality of Ingredients and Overall Chocolate Quality.-Chocolate Manufacturers.

Requirement & Challenges

The respective production engineers at the company were not satisfied with the quality of chocolate ingredients and the final chocolate. After learning about their quality concerns, we proposed a range of SIVTEK solutions to overcome their quality challenges per their needs.

Concerns: Quality of Various Chocolate Ingredients and Final Chocolate.



After a brief discussion over e-mail and call with the project manager of different chocolate manufacturers, we learned that most of the manufacturer faced a similar situation of low-quality ingredients due to impurities resulting into a decrease in quality of chocolate says Mayank Patel, Manager-Business Development and R&D.

Ideal & Precise for Variety of Liquid Application, Self Cleaning Filter-800 is Engineered for Hygienic Filtering of Extremely Viscous, Sticky and abrasive liquids.


The SIVTEK solution ranges were deployed in different chocolate processing industries to improve the quality of chocolate ingredients. The installation of SIVTEK product range before creating a mixture of chocolate ingredients, depending upon the chocolate to be produced resulting the leading chocolate brands to improve chocolate ingredients by eliminating impurities and improve the overall quality of chocolate.

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