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Success Story: Sea weed


Providing special design machines for screening seaweed from Galaxy Sivtek.

Requirement & Challenges

The customer was using a rotary sieve 300mm diameter / 1500mm length with a 3 HP motor whose function was to remove sand from their product. The existing machine output was around 100 kg/hr and needed three people to run smoothly.

Sea weed


The customer was looking for an alternate solution that can help to increase capacity and reduce running costs. They approached Galaxy Sivtek, and after a complete study of the requirement, the Galaxy Sivtek team did some tests in their trial house and found that the Sivtek Vibro Separator GS 30 with increased centrifugal force can meet the client’s requirement. In-house trails were conducted to verify the same. Based on the performance scene, the customer was suggested to install GS 30 machine in their plant.


With Galaxy Sivtek machine customers experienced an increase in output by almost three times with 350 kg/hr and an efficiency of about 97%. Also, the person running the machine was reduced to a single person instead of three. One more benefit experienced by them was power consumption was reduced by 1/3.

Customer got the best value for their money.

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