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turmeric powder screening

Success Story: Turmeric Powder


Galaxy Sivtek helped to resolve the maintenance issues of customers and increase the throughput.

Requirement & Challenges

Customer was using a sieving machine but were looking for solutions that can be specifically tailor-made to suit their requirements. Some of the key problems that needed to be sorted out were: Manually removing oversize, mesh clogging, mesh tearing, frequent maintenance problems,s and lastly quick mesh replacement.



On the basis of the above-mentioned customer problems, the Galaxy Sivtek team had done a detailed study. After completing the study, the Galaxy Sivtek team suggested customers buy equipment with easy mesh replacement made by providing a sandwich screen ring, maintenance-free machine, mesh deblinding kit to prevent mesh clogging, and automatic discharge of oversize particles.

In-house trails were conducted with a product of the customer and it was video recorded for reference of the client to verify the performance. Based on the performance seen, the customer accepted to install Sivtek Vibro Separator in their plant.


After the successful installation of the Galaxy Sivtek machine customers experienced an increase in output and efficiency. Earlier problems were resolved by the Galaxy Sivtek machine and handling the machine was smooth and hassle-free.

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