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sieving & screening solutions for glass frit

Effective sieving & screening solutions for glass frit

The frit is the compound of vitreous material which are fused, quenched, and granulated to form different sizes of glass frit. Glass frits are used in many applications like decorative glass, solar panels, automotive, sandblasting, abrasive materials, sanitary ware, screen printing and many more.

Glass frit manufacturers develop different sizes of glass frits. For example, Glass powder which is less than 0.5 mm, small frit sized 0.5 to 1.5 mm, medium frit of size 0.5 to 2.4 mm, large frit having size 1 to 2.4 mm and super large frit ranging from 8 to 11.5 mm in size.

The industrial demand for glass frit is increasing. Therefore, manufacturers must produce quality glass frit in the form of properties as well as shapes and sizes.

Galaxy Sivtek is the largest manufacturer of sieving and filtering equipment. Serving almost all the processing industry and help them to produce quality products through sieving, grading, check screening, filtering and many more. In this article, we will be discussing how SIVTEK sieving and filtering equipment are beneficial for the frit manufacturing industry.

Glass frit manufacturing process requires a sieving solution at various stages with a purpose. The raw materials are check screened at the initial stage to ensure that the mixture is in proper proportion and does not lose its property due to foreign contaminations. SIVTEK sieving solutions are also commonly used before the packaging area to classify the glass frit mixture into different grades.

Natural or synthetic products such as carbonates, oxides, borates, silicates, etc. act as the raw material in the frit manufacturing process. These materials are brought to the factory in the containers in big bags. Different types of raw materials are stored in the appropriate silos. Here Inline SIVTEK or SIVTEK Roto Sifter is installed to check screen the raw material. As the oversize impurities are comparatively less, it requires the sieve to serve higher throughput results. Machines are selected depending upon the capacity, efficiency and results required in the process. The SIVTEK expert suggests the appropriate separator keeping the trial results in consideration.

Screened material is then mixed according to the formula described in the PLC system for frit composition. Material is then transferred to a melting kiln and transforms into a liquid state. The homogeneous and dance frit overflow from the kiln and dropped from a certain height straight into the water. On striking the water surface the molten frit transforms into small glass pieces called glass frit.

These frits are in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, a grading machine is required to be introduced into the processing line. Linea SIVTEK or SIVTEK Super Gyro Separator fits best to classify the material into different grades. Our sieving experts are suggesting you this equipment among the very high range of sifters and filters because the material may have an equal amount of grade capacity and it needs a larger area to screen before discharging. Both the machines are best at giving higher screening areas and adjustable lead settings which gives the desired material flow pattern on the mesh screen. Glass frits are then packed or moved to further processing.

A high-quality glass frit is achieved with the SIVTEK vibrating equipment. Galaxy Sivtek is having years of experience in assisting processing industries and supplying numerous sieving and filtering equipment to the industry leaders. Contact now if you are looking for high quality and contamination-free products.

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