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sieving and filtering solution for mica powder

Sieving & Filtering Solutions for Mica Powder and Slurry

Mica is a mineral indispensable in our day-to-day life. We might not know but we are using it almost everywhere. Specially mica is used in almost all kinds of cosmetics, plastic, paint, rubber, automotive, electronics, and numerous industries.

Mica powder is also used nowadays in equipment as an inorganic powder that provides excellent physical and functional properties to the material.

India having the largest mica mines in the world. Therefore there is a huge requirement to dig and supply quality mica to the world. Let’s see some of the best sieving and filtration equipment adopted by the top mica manufacturers to ease their process.

Sieving or filtering the material is the utmost necessary to remove unwanted particles and impurities. Mica production plant installs these systems at the correct location at several stages to achieve the highest efficiency of the overall plant.

The manufacturing process of mica powder is differentiated into two types. One is using water, known as Wet Grinding and the other is Dry Grinding, without water. Wet grinding creates more smooth mica powder compared to the dry grinding process. Let us see both the process and what sieving and filtering equipment are preferable on it.

Raw mica is brought to the factory in large stones and rocks. These stones are hammered and crushed to form the small pieces of it. On the next stage, the material is transported to a micro-mill to make the material more smaller in size.

Sieving Process at Dry Ground

Now the sieving process becomes very crucial at this stage. The material needs to be of accurate size and shape before it is transferred to the iron removal area. The material is not only accurately sized here but also removes any bigger size impurities accidentally introduced in the powder due to the mishandling of the material or human intervention.

Therefore a high-power SUPER SIVTEK Separator is placed at this stage to give high throughput capacity as this machine contains 3 times higher vibration compared to the normal Vibro sifter. The machine has a proven record of giving the highest efficiency without any function breakdown and runs for a longer time.

Now the fine powder is ready to remove iron impurities from it and packed before the mica powder customers. Many mica powder manufacturers also install a safety check sieve before the packaging stage to ensure that material that is packed is free from any impurities. You can install any SIVTEK Check Sieving option after consulting the SIVTEK Expert.

Filtering Process at Wet Ground

Like the dry ground process, mica stones are crushed with the help of water. Water molecules absorb the breaking force and provide more production rate compared to dry ground.

After grinding the material iron removal process is carried out and bigger iron pieces are removed from the material. Now the material water content needs to be filtered thoroughly to process further. Therefore a high power Sivtek Vibro Separator is placed at this location to filter out the liquid from the slurry.

The further process includes dehydrating, drying, grinding, and removing ferrous impurities from the mica powder. Finally, the mica powder is check sieved under a SIVTEK Inline Sifter of single or dual-motor option to remove any oversize impurities or lumps.

The selection of any sifter or filter equipment is to be done by the sieving expert. Galaxy Sivtek is keen to provide an on-site and in-house trial facility to try run before purchasing your next Sieving or Filtering Solution.

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