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Vibro Sifter for sieving Dextrin Powder

Use of Vibro Sifter in Dextrin Powder Manufacturing

Dextrin is a carbohydrate which is having very low molecular weight produced by hydrolysis of starch. Dextrin comes in white, yellow, or brown powder which is fully or partially soluble in water.

Yellow and white dextrin is also known as British gum. Yellow dextrin is used in diverse industries because of its blinder properties. It effectively removes bubbles from the mold. It is extensively used in ceramic and firework manufacturing plants.

Dextrin powder is also used in the paper industry for corrugated box manufacturing, Machine labeling of tins, chemical and dyes industries, textile industries, and many more.

Why Vibro Sifter is an essential part of dextrin powder processing?

Quality is very important when you want a profitable output from your manufactured product. Therefore, Sieving equipment is installed at the factory to get an accurate size of products or to remove unwanted foreign impurities. If the quality material is not obtained its chemical or physical properties will differ.

Many industrialists are suggested to use SIVTEK sieving and filtering equipment for dextrin powder manufacturing because of its unique features and benefits.

The manufacturing of dextrin powder starts with roasting starch mixed with acid. This process will change the chemical properties of the starch. Dextrin is a starch-converted product. Round vibrating Separators like SIVTEK Vibro Separators or Super SIVTEK Separators can be placed before the roasting procedure to remove any unwanted impurities. The sieving product can be chosen from various sizes available from 18” to 84”. It is always recommended to consult a sieving expert before making a choice.

After the roasting procedure, the starch is formed into a dextrin powder. The powder contains lumps that need to be separated before the packaging of the material. Therefore, any circular or rotary sieving machines like SVTEK Roto Sifter or SIVTEK Dual Roto Sifter are placed at the end of the manufacturing process.

Advantages of SIVTEK Sieving equipment:

The SIVTEK sieving equipment gives you a higher throughput capacity compared to the conventional Vibro separator.

SIVTEK sieving machines are engineered to provide you with higher efficiency and optimum sieving results.

It automates the process and lowers the maintenance cost.

Easy mesh changing ability to minimize the cleaning time.

The lead angle can be adjusted as per the desired material flow pattern and Can be customized as per the requirement of the plant.

Improves the quality of dextrin powder and ultimately increases the profitability of the organization.

The Galaxy Sivtek team can help you to solve all your sieving and filtering problems. We are having the largest trial facility to test your product with a wide range of our sieving and filtering equipment. We also do on-site trial arrangements free so that our clients are fully satisfied before buying the SIVTEK machines. Contact us now to get assistance and get rid of unwanted impurities and discomfort while sieving.

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